“I will never be able to express how much you mean to me and how much you have impacted my life. You have been the rock of our team and have led us with such strength and dignity. You are not just a ‘boss.’ You go above and beyond your duties to make sure we are taken care of and successful. You have encouraged me and have made me a stronger, more determined person, not just at work but in my faith and all aspects of my life. You will always be family to me and you will be missed here everyday. Thank you for believing in me. You are an incredible man of God, an incredible leader and one of the most selfless people I know.”  —Kristen Newman, Former Digital Media Assistant/PIO Assistant, Harris County Sheriff’s Office


“Ralph Gonzales was my supervisor when I was assigned to the Narcotics Division.  He took a group of enthusiastic individuals and formed a cohesive and productive team.  Ralph Gonzales used his leadership skills, mentoring talents, and training to first, identify our weaknesses and our strengths and then placed us in assignments that produced positive results for our team.  He showed us patience and created a winning environment that enabled us to bond closer and support each other in reaching our mission.  Under his direction and leadership he literally kept us safe and allowed us to go home to our loved ones each night.  Ralph treated each of us not only as his employees, but as part of his extended family, placing honesty and integrity as the foundation for our persona growth. 

If you are looking for a true leader, take this opportunity to contact Ralph Gonzales and see if he can be of service to you and your company.”   – G. Kinsey, Houston Police Department


“I was selected to become part of a new, elite street level narcotics team that was being supervised by Ralph Gonzales.  I had never met Ralph nor knew what kind of a supervisor he was until we began to train as a team.  Under his direction Ralph Gonzales showed himself to be an individual who placed employee growth, values, and safety first.  He was able to put each of us in particular assignments that contributed to the overall success of the team.  He was never afraid to say no and provided us with an opportunity to try alternative solutions to problems we identified during our investigations.  He was creative and allowed us to be creative as well.

I have been a supervisor for 20 years and currently have a team working major narcotics investigations  within the Narcotics Division.  During my career as a supervisor I find myself applying many of the same values and leadership qualities that I found in Ralph.  These leadership qualities have helped me grow and become successful in dealing with my team. 

Ralph Gonzales is a leader and mentor who can help you and your team become successful and productive employees.  Should you find yourself addressing employee issues and needing direction to complete your missing, do not hesitate to contact Ralph Gonzales at R Gonzales Consulting, I know he can help you grow and be a better leader”   – W. Rios, Sergeant, Houston Police Department


Ralph Gonzales is a smart and dedicate manager with a proven track record of success in public and private enterprises.  Gonzales’ experience in law enforcement and public safety positions him to provide expert advice to any industry, company or individual seeking guidance in emergency management, disaster planning, public affairs and any array of legal/law enforcement strategy.

Through his management of dynamic teams of all sizes and vocations, Gonzales has made an indelible mark on every organization he has joined.

Professionals from all walks will benefit from the guidance and wisdom of Ralph Gonzales.  -Ryan Sullivan, Former PIO/Media Relations, Harris County Sheriff’s Office


This installation is part of the overall security features that were designed by me while Director of Campus Safety at CyFair ISD. call box These products will be part of the landscape at all of the schools.  Understanding school safety for both students and faculty provides innovative design and long range planning for a safer school and neighborhood community.  These features not only benefit the students but also the community.  facepage call boxes