Media Relations / PIO Training

Sheriff Goforth news conference

You CAN Have Confidence in Dealing With the News Media!

  • As the leader or representative of your organization, are you prepared to make a statement to the media?
  • Have you had to respond to an incident that occurred in your workplace, and either you didn’t know what to say, or it went horribly wrong?
  • Do you know what information to give, or not give, to the media when making  statements?
  • Have you designated or TRAINED someone to release information to the media from your company?
  • Are you prepared  to deal with news media in times of emergency, perhaps an incident that can could cause a PR nightmare??

A PR nightmare, you say? If you think this can’t happen to you, think again. In our world, no one is immune from disasters—either natural or manmade.  Fires, explosions, weather-related damages, or criminal acts can cause the news media to flock to your business, clamoring for you or someone from your organization to provide a written or on-camera response! Are you ready to deal with this?

News conference D Goforth

With his years of high-stress, demanding, fast-paced experience dealing with the news media, Ralph Gonzales possesses the critical tools needed to teach you and your representatives highly effective techniques in addressing the media, so as to provide the most positive impression possible. No PR nightmares here!

Ralph draws from years of experience as the Public Information Officer (PIO) supervisor for both the Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to help you and your team confidently write press releases and speak on-camera, looking and sounding like a seasoned professional!