R Gonzales Consulting Services was born of a love of helping people—pure and simple.

Ralph Gonzales has devoted 48 years of his life to helping people across fields, including law enforcement, emergency planning, school safety, and media relations.

Ron Mc & Ralph

Ralph began this consulting business as a continuation of his life of service and to utilize his vast experience…

  • To help businesses, churches, and school districts develop their daily emergency plans
  • To help leaders learn to motivate their employees
  • To teach people how to deal with what can be a tricky situation – working with the news media, and
  • To assist school districts in developing and improving their radio communications  systems.

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Dedicated To Excellence

No two entities are alike.  We are committed to providing customized, quality solutions based on YOUR needs whether they be emergency planning, responding to a media request, addressing leadership issues, or developing a school district radio communications system.

We Offer Comprehensive Solutions at Affordable Prices

It is our mission to deliver superior services that offer our customers complete satisfaction.  We would be happy to review and discuss the needs of your organization and provide you with a comprehensive quote for our services.

We Look Forward To Serving You with Integrity and Trust

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