School’s On


Just a reminder to many of our friends and colleagues, many schools around the country will begin and many drivers will be driving through our school zones dropping off their kids or have schools that they must drive by. We need to be aware that many of our kids will not be paying attention to their actions and could find themselves darting across streets bordering many of our schools.

texting and drivingMany states have initiated new traffic laws that prohibit anyone driving through school zones, during the hours of operation, must use a hands-free cell phone device or will be ticketed and fined.  Even though these devices are used to keep both hands on the wheel.. I still see many using these drivers get so involved in their conversations that they are still unaware of their surroundings.  Let’s just put the phones down and keep a keen eye out for those kids who may be so excited to see their friends that they forget about safely crossing the street.

b9a57a9e80f5dbd9850419a1b3c6020e-jpgAlso remember those crossing guards working to help our kids cross the street in safe places.  Many states expect drivers to obey their commands just as though it were a Police Officer directing traffic.  If you’re not sure about your city’s ordinances or laws, please check before you get stopped by a Police Officer and given a ticket.

If I can be of any service to you and your organization please do not hesitate to reach out.  Contact me via my website, or via text message.

Let’s have a great school year.. Be Safe Out There.. God Bless.

Author: rdg2428

48 years of Law Enforcement and Safety and Security Services working with school districts, businesses, and churches in developing Emergency Managment responses and protocols

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