Happy New Year

Now that we are looking at the end of 2017, we need to determine how our new year, 2018, will begin. Are we determined to remain status quo?  Have we truly thought about the losses that many individuals felt as a result of numerous assaults against our common man? The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported that 2017 was the deadliest year for mass shootings, a rate that is not expected to go down. What are you doing about it? Throwing the dice? Hoping that it will not occur “on your watch?”

Just this month, an airport terminal in Atlanta, Georgia, suffered a power failure that turned off all the electricity along with the necessary power to the control tower. 171217_wn_moore3_16x9_992Without a backup plan, passengers waiting to get on their planes sat in the dark for hours. No generators, no flashlights, no handheld radios, no PA system – no way to notify those in the airport that it was simply a power failure, not a terrorist attack in progress, and that there was no danger to themselves. NO PLAN…

Another incident in Houston, Texas, where a Category 5 hurricane, Harvey, stalled over the city, dropping enough water that it caused the land below to “sink” significantly under the weight of the water. People around Addicks and Barker Dams were monitoring their radios for information about any water spilling over those dams. These folks were being advised by the Army Corps of Engineers that there would be a release of water from the spillways in the morning, which should have provided with enough time and light to evacuate. But as midnight approached those same engineers found themselves having to release thousands upon thousands of gallons of water onto the community downstream.

Those homes that had not experienced water in their homes from earlier flooding now found themselves, in less than an hour, with water levels that reached the second floor in many residences. No warning, no alarms, no information was disseminated to help people make decisions on their safety and the safety of their family members and pets. NO PLAN…

1121769_1280x720And a December 7 article in the Hartford Courant reported that after five years of one of the deadliest attacks on school children in the nation, at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, most of the area school districts are failing to protect the children under their care. The Courant reported that nearly half the school districts in the state are violating at least some aspect of the law requiring them to submit school security information, a Courant review of state records reveals.” Further, the newspaper stated that the district also must submit records of all fire drills or crisis management drills, also known as lockdown drills, to DESPP by July 1. But for the last school year, only 52 school districts, barely 25 percent of the state, submitted the records — a two-page sheet detailing when and where drills were held that is signed by a local fire or police official.”

Once the emergency passes over time these precautions and drills are no longer “important” and only gets moved to the back burner – and the situation in Connecticut is just one classic example of this failure to maintain their initially strict standards.

What will be your excuse this year? That you didn’t have enough time? That it won’t happen here? We’ve all heard those excuses before, only to find later on how you’ve become a victim – and not just a victim of poor planning. How much is your life worth? What about the people who work for you? Many of these events cannot be anticipated, but you can prepare for them. Take time to address your priorities for 2018, stop being a victim and start being PREPARED.


If I can be of service please do not hesitate to contact me via email, text message or my website; www.rgonzalesconsulting.com

Be safe…and God Bless

Author: rdg2428

48 years of Law Enforcement and Safety and Security Services working with school districts, businesses, and churches in developing Emergency Managment responses and protocols

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