Helping Employees Grow

Many years ago, while as a supervisor over a tactical group I was assigned a group of individuals, male and female, and was told to go to work.

boss listeningMy first step would be to find out what their experiences were and why did they want to work in this field.  Like in any interview process you want to interview your team to find out what motivates them and why did they select this field.  Many times as a  supervisor you learn some valuable information, including personal values.

You may learn that the individual was really looking for another job in the same field but accepted this one because it would provide them money and they can still look for that ideal job.  You may learn that the individual was interested in this field but realized that it was different than what they imagined.  You may also learn that they really have ambitions to make a name for themselves and indicates that they may be difficult to supervise.

Depending on the individual and the job you can determine where this individual may fit into the overall success of the team.  You want to assign these individuals to areas where they can succeed.  In my case I needed persons who could go undercover, be used for surveillance, and be the first person through the door when executing a search warrant.  Your job may require you to find people who are skilled in doing research, making cold calls on potential customers, developing web sites, or any number of skills that they can contribute to the overall success of the company.

boss and workersBut if you don’t sit down and discover their strengths and weaknesses you may expect them to perform in an area where they will struggle.  You may find that this employee has the desire but not the skills for success in the assignment.

It is your responsibility, as the leader, to get them the training or even partnering them follow another seasoned employee with the knowledge they need to address their needs and succeed.

trainingAnother option would be at looking for in-service training seminars, outside training, and even online webinar training.  These training sessions would be a perfect opportunity for your employee to see how others recommend how they would handle their job duties, but would also supplement their needs for success on the job.


boss and workers3As a leader you should want your employees to grow and succeed.  You need to think outside the box using creativity in finding them as much help so that they can be successful in their position.


Their success will prove to be your success.  God Bless…and be safe.

Author: rdg2428

48 years of Law Enforcement and Safety and Security Services working with school districts, businesses, and churches in developing Emergency Managment responses and protocols

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