Have a Plan In Place

Recently, during Hurricane Harvey, our city found itself in dire straights.  Each of us were trying to deal with the torrential rains along with the high water.  One of these sites was a local retirement center, charged with maintaining many elderly individuals who could not care for themselves.  We observed many photos of these poor individuals sitting in waist deep water while waiting for some type of rescue to take place.  retirement ChannelviewIt is imperative that planning be made for any type of natural or man made disaster.  These individuals depend on you for their safety and very lives.  Not only are they depended on your plans in place for their safety.. but should you fail to provide then you will most definitely see the legal end of a lawsuit.  Lets be prepared.. and if you don’t have a plan in place, please reach out and let me help in developing one for your center.

Author: rdg2428

48 years of Law Enforcement and Safety and Security Services working with school districts, businesses, and churches in developing Emergency Managment responses and protocols

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